Static GameArter demo (for game developers)

Static GameArter demo (for game developers) Tags: Introduction

Check GameArter's sections via which you can manage, configurate, distribute and analyse games. If your needs are not related to games development, you can find more useful our demo of panel for partners. If you want to check images in full resolution, simply click at them with right mouse button and select "view image in new tab".

Dashboard section

Get basics revenue data and compare your games performance with other games using GameArter

Projects Section

Add, configurate and update your game projects

  • Add new project
  • Edit existing project

Project versions overview

For configuration of individual project versions.

  • Events configuration

    For settings smart Leaderboards and achievements

  • Packages configuration

    For settings IAP (in-app purchases)

  • Other features configuration

    Cutscenes, ads ...

  • Database data view & edit

    View and edit saved data in the database

  • Files upload

    Add / update game files

Basic settings

For basics project configuration.

GamePlayer settings

For gameplayer customization and adding basic informations about the game.

GooglePlay setup

Configuration of mobile ads + setting connection between GameArter and Google Play services

Publication / Update

Switch your project version from testnet to production

Individual customization

Customize your game automatically for certain websites and platforms (ads, brand, links...)

Update blog

Inform users about updates, let them participate in next updates via created polls.

Reports section

View reports and performance of your games.

  • GamePlayes Complex overview of gameplayes, ad impressions, CPMs and engagement in a graph for total overview as well as for individual games.
  • Users Get users data for individual games - saved data in database + retention.
  • Errors Log, counter and viewer errors occured in individual games.
  • Distribution Overview of websites which published the game. Including gameplays and game configuration for the website.
  • Analytics Quick switch to Google Analytics for teh game.


Performance of ad providers connected in GameArter.


Overview of revenue for individual games and account.

Revenue by date

Revenue by game

Revenue by domain


Upload invoices / request for payments / check state of payments

Updates / Distribution

Check release plan, recommendations and preview of your game releases and updates. You are notify about every change via email.

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How does look the gameplayer? Check Gameplayer introduction blogpost!