Static GameArter demo (for partners)

Check GameArter's sections via which you can get additional streams of revenues, simplify management if your content and have basic overview around performance of services managed for your by GameArter. If you are more focused for games development businesses, then you can find more useful our demo of panel for game developers.

GameArter Panel for partners consists of 4 parts (Websites, Affiliate, Summary, Follow us) while especially first two are important and brings added value for our partners. This static demo will explain all sections and pages of the panel and their purpose. Every partner can use both as well as only one source of extra revenues from the GameArter offer.

Websites section

Websites section is intended for overview of services provided by GameArter targeted especially at owners of websites. Currently, websites section presents especially reports of game distribution service - available games, generated revenues and recommendations.

  • My websites

    Section "my websites" allows adding websites into GameArter via automated ownership verification process under button "Add a domain". Besides the list of verified domains, this panel presents also simple conditions for using GameArter services and whether each added website is consistent with them.

    GameArter - game events configuration
  • Revenue

    Revenue panel display revenues generated by GameArter via its games for each of added websites. The panel allows filtration by date, web and game.

    • Revenue by Web

      Gameplayes, ad impressions and revenue generated on every website per day

      GameArter - revenue on partner's website
    • Revenue by Game GameArter - revenue on partner's website by game
  • Games

    Collection of games available via GameArter, including revenue share for your websites and state of their availability on that website.

    • Table view GameArter - available games - table view
    • Grid view GameArter - available games - grid view
  • Recommendations

    Based on data, monitoring and experience, GameArter is able to generate recommendations for partners leading to increased revenues from games (but also the web as a whole). List of these recommendations is being displayed just in this section

    GameArter - recommendations - partner
  • CPMs

    GameArter is based on a trust between all entities using it. Although GameArter is not open source, it provides at least all possible data in a transparent and simple way. Section CPMs display fross revenue per 1000 displayed ads (CPMs) from in-game advertisements on any days.

    GameArter - Ad CPMs partner overview


Affiliate group is designed for partners using GameArter's affiliate engine from any side - either as an advertiser or an affiliate partner on the other side.

  • Programs

    List of available affiliate programs to use, including their KPIs, rules and rewards. Option to offer own affiliate program to other partners. Affiliate origrams are tracked and managed by GameArter's affiliate engine.

  • Revenue

    Statistics related affiliate programs. Data of acquisitions, rewards, behaviour of reffered users and so on. All simply visualised, with option to check behaviour data of every referred user on targeted website.


Visualisation of total revenues (sum of incomes from websites and affiliate section) and informations about payments.

  • Total Reveue

    Check total revenue generated for you by GameArter

    GameArter - game revenue by date
  • Billing

    Request payouts and check state of payments

    GameArter - billing

Follow us

It speaks for itself. Few links at our social sites where partners can see our announcements and Discord server for direct communication and support.