Automated solutions for simpler, better and more profitable gaming business.

Web & Android In 1 package

Why use GameArter

  • All in one solution - monetization, publishing, distribution, marketing, management of everything (users, data, assets)...
  • Simple intuitive implementation and usage
  • Full backend services including smart features
  • Automatized solution. You have all in your hands. GameArter management service covers all potential problems.
  • Cross-platform support - 1 solution for web and mobile
  • Price. Pay on basis of the revenue share or as you go.
  • Support, help and assistance from GameArter staff in a case of any problem

GameArter creates a bridge between game developers, players and publishers. Final ecosystem of cross-platform, synchronized games running on Web, Google Play and social sites is the optimal time & cost effective way of publishing games. Every platform is offering specific advantages, which developers using GameArter automatically benefit from.

GameArter is more than just a solution to use, it is a service, offering additional help to developers so that they can make their games even better. Beside help in achieving important KPIs and revenues, GameArter also provides a way to create your own gaming audience and to be in connection with enthusiastic players. Based on the experience got from tracking user behaviour in hundreds of games powered by GameArter and another thousands of games available on gamearter-powered or managed gaming websites, we are able to tune the main weaknesses of the games before long and costly user-based testing. Therefore we can help the game and it's developers to grow on popularity.

Areas you can cover by using GameArter


Services for game development


Services for game publishing

  • Games distribution on hundreds of gaming websites
  • Releasing games on Google Play and social sites
  • Option to manage and adjust games in realtime (updates, ads, IAP, branding ...)
  • Hosting service with full connectivity all over the world
  • Analytics of game distribution and playability


  • Management service for achieving the high CPMs
  • 70 - 92% share of all revenues (ads, IAP, affiliate, bradning, license selling ...)
  • Extra performance bonuses + bonuses from partners
  • Money sent via: paypal, wire transfer, bitcoin
  • Currency: USD, EUR, CZK, BTC

Paid custom & agency services

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Custom games and services development
  • Say us your problem and we will deal with it!

Do you already have a game that is published on different platforms?

Try to publish your game also on the website or Google Play, you will get new players and another source of income. At the moment, competition on the website is significantly lower than on other platforms.

Do you plan to release your game on different platforms?

Then also consider its web version release. For example, you can release a game on the website, test behavior of the playerbase, fix all problems, find suitable monetization model, and then expand to other platforms more easily. We will gladly help you.

GameArter Platform

All in one place. Game management, statistics, user data, connection with players and publishers. Automated processes which will bring comfort to your life. With GameArter behind, you do not need to use multiple 3rd party tools and deal, monitor, study and develop tens of another necessary tools for running and monetizing your games on your own. All is already ready for your use.


High revenue share / friendly pay-as-you-go model

Thanks to running multiple interconnected and earning services we are able to provide unbeatable service for a great price. Moreover, in a case of all our pricing models developers always pay for real usage of our services. Check our pricing section for more details.


Gaming websites

GameArter manages various gaming websites including own gaming site where developers can promote their games and profiles for free. PacoGames is a modern gaming social platform fully connected with GameArter services and offer following options for game developers:

  • Developer profiles
  • Follow (subscribe) feature
  • Notifications





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