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  • Custom development of VR applications
    5 % of free capacity
    We currently accept small orders. Working on larger orders is possible from mid-September 2020.
  • Mediation of VR and 3D realizations
    5 % of free capacity
    We currently accept small orders. Working on larger orders is possible from mid-September 2020.
  • Consultancy in the field of VR apps
    5 % of free capacity
    We currently accept small orders. Working on larger orders is possible from mid-September 2020.
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VR headset as a gateway to the world of VR

VR is a world of completely new possibilities. Think of everything around you and replace it with whatever you want. You have created an illusion - a virtual world. This world can be transferred to the VR and spreaded among any person through a VR headset. It's not just about visualization, VR applications can be interactive, fully connected with a human body and its movement. Visualization or experience close to reality, virtually transferable is now almost anything.

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VR headset Oculus Quest for Virtual Reality
Hardware controllers for easy operation in VR

Endless possibilities of VR

Virtual reality allows you to transfer the experience of visiting any existing or fictional place or mediating the experience in a simulated 3D environment.

Consumption of VR products does not need to be reserved via the VR headsets only, it may be compatible with display and control via ordinary telephones and computers.

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10 reasons to invest in the VR

... when VR makes sense.

  1. By involving VR, you will get the full attention of the user for the product presented by you.
  2. VR enables immediate full-fledged transmission of the final look of a product or process at any scale to any users, regardless of their imagination.
  3. Using VR helps eliminate design flaws and thus improve products.
  4. VR allows users to virtually experience critical situations and thus better prepare them to deal with these situations in the real world.
  5. Virtual reality can streamline or completely replace existing staff training processes and thus save money.
  6. Virtual reality can serve not only for work, but also for the relaxation of your employees.
  7. Virtual reality spontaneously forces people to move and exercise without realizing it.
  8. Low entry barriers. Headsets for VR are for the price of a middle class phone. Basic VR applications can be generated for free in selected construction and design software.
  9. Virtual reality is a fast-growing sector. Early adoption of the VR is an investment in the future..
  10. The VR headset is a ticket to the emerging VR world.

Sectors in which the VR makes sense

VR technology is suitable wherever anything needs to be visualized or simulated for purposes of any type. Following cards displays areas with high adoption of the VR technology.

Technologies without which it would not be possible

What is behind functional VR implementations?

VR apps development

... for the best experience.

We do a custom development and mediation of VR apps development for clients of all sizes. Our added value is general knowledge of VR applications, tools, processes and methods helping us to select the right tools and procedures for individual applications.

  1. Meeting

    We will listen to your wishes, present possible solutions, the time needed for implementation and expected prices.

  2. Approval

    We will create a contract and develop or mediate development of the application.

  3. MVP

    In the shortest possible time we will deliver you minimum valuable product based on which there is option to modify assignment.

  4. Completion

    Within the specified deadline, we will deliver the final product that meets all the specifics of the assignment.

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