Customizable GamePlayer

Customizable GamePlayer Tags: Dev tools

GameArter uses built-in gameplayer for running native (browser-based) games. Existence of the common player for all games is purely practical. GamePlayer is a technological piece of software that increases user engagement from playing.

Gameplayer’s main purposes

  • Keep a user engaged during game load
  • Provide a solution for displaying ads for web games
  • Brand awareness - make the game title more memorable
  • Simplify development - Provide game based (UI for shop, achievements, leaderboards) and other general features such as displaying game description, controls, share the game, option to report bugs or discuss with other player and developer
  • Keep the game cross-platform compatible
  • Allow responsive resolution and fullscreen option

Compared to mobile and standalone platforms, the market of browser games is relatively decentralized - there are many gaming websites and social sites while each of them may have different rules for a game appearance and require different solutions for ads, achievements, leaderboards and other features used in the game. Developers usually deal with these conditions by making separate versions of 1 game for each such platform which is very time consuming and problematic in a case of checking performance, revenue and making updates.

GameArter SDK in combination with GameArter’s fully customizable gameplayer is one-stop solution solving it all - there is only 1 version of the game, managed from 1 place while all individualizations for each website and platform are processed automatically by GameArter’a background services.

What can be customized?

GameArter allows customization of basic things such as branding (including colors), ads and available built-in gameplayer modules (discussion, development log, bug reports...).

Game developers have the option to customize all the mentioned for every website / platform individually. Customizations for certain websites and platforms may be locked, because there is need to use certain types of authentication service, loading screen, brand option and monetization solution to fill requirements of the platform. For example games released on Facebook must use Facebook accounts, facebook ads and no or the game brand. Technology detecting current website / platform and customizing game services for it is built natively in GameArter’s SDK / gameplayer and developer does not need to care much about it - request sent to GameArter SDK are automatically translated and processed in a technology based on current platform.

Customizations of a game for individual websites / platforms may be configured in the “Individual customizations” tab where a developer may set:

  • Ads - ad provider, ad frequency, ad type, enable pre roll ads
  • Brand - set own brand, remove brand at all, remove brand and all modules (clear gameplayer)
  • Available modules - select what modules should be accessible through GamePlayer’s menu (game description, controls, video, discussion, sharing, bug reports, more games to play, achievements, leaderboards, ingame shop)
  • Set images for loading screen, sharing, promotion
  • Set revenue share for partners
  • Define rules for automatic dynamical setup of everything (planned)

Benefits of GameArter’s solution

Using of GameArter service is win-win solution for both sides.

Benefits for developers:

  • Need to learn and implement 1 SDK only
  • 1 version of the game - simple updates
  • Option of full management, tracking, simple to control
  • All data are collected on one place
  • Cross-platform synchronization - a player can play the game on more platforms under same account and progress

Benefits for websites / platforms:

  • Games look according to their requirements and use their solutions
  • Full control above ads provided by their solution and shares (transparency)
  • No costs for managing games, developers acquisition, hosting
  • Websites without own solution gets revenue share from GameArter's monetization service + may customize gameplayer for their website.

Examples of loading screen appearance:

Clear GamePlayer with individual brand and menu
Default appearance (with game sponsor brand). It may be extended for bottom bar.
Clear gameplayer
Example of advanced customization - e.g. use of 3rd party website design