Fully automated service
for games & applications

All in one solution. Tools for effective development, management and operation of games with cross-platform support and in-build solutions for game distribution, monetization, management, tracking, hosting and users bring control of the games back into hands of the developer.

Features at a glance

Manage your game on multiple websites / platforms from one place

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Personal Support

Anything unclear or any error and no quick help in the documentation or on the internet? Feel free to contact GameArter support who will reply and help you with anything you need.

Authentization service

  • Platform based automatic login
  • One account for all games
  • Synchronized data and identity in one game between platforms
Users authentization service
Users management

Users management

  • Automatic sign-in
  • Segmentation based on user behaviour
  • Access to user data
  • Targeted notifications

Smart events & game-logic

Server based, cross-platform supported setup of game-design and engagement related features.

  • smart Achievements
  • smart Leaderboards
  • smart Rewards
  • Game progress design
  • Game items design
  • Auto-saving
  • basic protection of data-manipulation (e.g. over cheatengine)
Smart game-logic
Data management

Data management service

Work with data by a secure way. All data transfers between game and GameArter servers are automatically protected from manipulation by hashing and cryptography.

  • Storing data & files on server

Monetization Service

Native implementation for communication with GameArter and other 3rd-party monetization features, all optimized for simple usage and maximum efficiency.

Monetization Service for games
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Free game distribution & game promotion service

Game promotion and distribution is made in cooperation with GameArter's partners.

  • Native games - websites and on social sites
  • Mobile games - Google Play

Pay for promotion of your game with configurable smart contract based on the percentage of generated revenue by the promotion partner.

Connect GameArter network

All GameArter games are connected under 1 user account which removes login-wall and thus decrease losees of players. After sigging in a first game, a player can then play any other game connected / powered by GameArter. Once a plazer is being logged in one game without seeing or provided any login informations.

All games powered by GameArter can be connected each other via shared gaming token (credit) called GRT. This credit allow to buy in-game items, sell them and move player's game wealth between games. In addiction of increased engagement from playing for users, the main benefit is in a new way of natively implemented in-app purchases over the credit which provide zero-fee for microtransactions and allow users to buy a bag of credit at once and then spend it in various games.

GameArter network

Simple utilities

Network (multiplayer) games

GameArter provides access to Exit Games (Photon) solution.

Native Basic Analytics

Simple visualisation of user behaviour, retention, losses, displayed ads, redirects, gameplays, errors and other important metrics.

Achievements images

Use own or select an image for your achievement from GameArter library of free achievement images.

Redirects and branding

Adjust, modify and track brand links and icons remotely right from gamearter panel.

Other services for web games


Complex game player optimized for running on all kinds of screens, including many modules increasing user engagement and low bounce-rate.

  • Customizable smart GamePlayer
  • Discussion module
  • UI for achievements and leaderboards
  • Module for sharing
  • Module for game and developer presentation
  • Module for displaying mode developer's games
  • Module for displaying images
  • Module for reporting bugs
  • Module for development log - polls & updates
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Hosting service for games

Hosting service

Host and update files from one place. Optimized solution for achieving the lowest possible price while maintaining sufficient speed and performance.


Frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, feel free to ask us.

  • What about rights?

    GameArter is a SaaS tool allowing full management and operation of games. From here, there are no rights or any requirements for rights for the game. Developer can decide in any time what he will do with his product. There is only one condition - in a case, that a game has implemented IAP, GameArter will not allow reject access for users to the game until all legal steps necessary for removing a game into which users invested real money (some form of settlement).
  • Is it free to use GameArter service for game developers?

    Yes, it is until GameArter starts generate a revenue for you. Then it is a paid service paid either by a share from generated revenue (cheaper option) or on basis of use.
  • Do you provide revenue share for publishers?

    It depends on every developer and every game. GameArter does not work with any fixed revenue share, instead of with dynamical, settable and customizable by developers themseleves for individual games. To make it all as simple as possible, revenue shares, brand, outgoing links and other can be customizable individually for every website and game either manually, or soon via a smart programmable contracts on background which a settable via a simple UI. There is a fixed revenue share only in cases when certain game also in concurrency platforms where gamearter autamatically sets minimum rev share for partners on the same level as concurrency platform to provide fair and best possible conditions for its partners.
  • How is it with game updates?

    Automated process. You simply upload new files, test them on testnet, and if all is ok, you move it to production by pressing one button. Within a second, your game is automatically updated on all websites and all players play new version of your game.
  • Is possible to share other platform versions of the game?

    Sure, it is possible. Related web games, links to stores (Google Play, App Store, Amazon Underground) are part of gameplayer. However, GameArter services powered by GameArter SDK can be used also for cross-platform operation when not only links, but also user accounts with all data are shared cross-platform.
  • Where to start?

    Simply, Sign up, go to section "Projects" and add your first project. Our system will provide you step by step through all the process.

Price of it?

GameArter can be used under pay-as-you use model or with simpler model of revenue share. See Pricing section. In both cases, till your game does not reach hundreds of playes, you use GameArter for free.