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GameArter's goal is to deliver professional tools, services and gaming social platform connecting game developers, publishers and players with each other. GameArter offers tools simplifiying game development as well as useful tools for games management in post-relase phase. Via natively implemented modules and own shared gaming currency, GameArter helps developers to increase user engagement in games and boost revenues. In addition to hundreds of games, GameArter powers also gaming websites which benefit by getting new tools and features, options to interact with users, increase their engagement and strengthen the brand. Both developers and publishers also save costs for running and operating games which are usually hosted and delivered to players by GameArter.

Transparency and freedom. GameArter is being build publicly on public gamearter Slack, where developers and publishers can discuss next steps.

All benefit from using GameArter


Fair and motivating share on revenue. No requirements for exclusivity, brand-free and link-free versions. Transparent share from revenues. Simple time-reducing development thanks to GameArter SDK.

  1. User authentization. User accounts are shared between all games using GameArter SDK. automatic login, users management, behaviour tracking, all in accordance with regulations.
  2. Data management. Simple and safe working with data for all users (logged in as well as guests). Data are protected from manipulation, backed up and saved effectively in powerful databases (Redis, MongoDB).
  3. Game properties management. Effective configuration and management of all game items. Performance, upgdares, pricing, unlocking, ownership and other configurations related to game design. All of this in real time, via web UI, without the need of any programming and game rebuilding. Effective way to balance weapons, cars or e.g. characters for the best possible entertainment.
  4. Interaction with users - increased engagement. Option to communicate with users via natively implemented discussions solution, using features like achievements, leaderboards or currency rewards, box for reporting bugs and available notifications for users following your account or actively playing your games.
  5. Analytics. GameArter SDK has natively implemented Google analytics that you can use without any programming for tracking users bahaviour in your games. For more detailed view at users behaviour, you have always direct access to the view at users data reached in your game, saved in GameArter databases.
  6. Monetization. GameArter allows simple implementation of GameArter ads and in-app purchases. All ads are in compliance with all regulations, with active management, optimized on a level of every website where a game is.
  7. Distribution. By one click gameArter allows to notify webmasters of gaming websites about the release of your game. In addition to classic gaming portals, GameArter is able to help developers also with release of their games in classic stores such as Steam, Google Play, App store, Facebook Messenger, Yandex games or Kik app.
  8. Promotion. We can help you find suitable promotion model for your game. From natively implemented options in our SDK like tournaments, over promotion at our websites PacoGames.com, Games44.com up to paid campaigns.
  9. General games management. Control and customize all of your games from one place. GameArter allows to configure running, branding, monetization and game properties for every website individually.
  10. Free to use. GameArter can help you to keep costs for operating games at minimum, without any risk of losing big money from running expensive servers. By using GameArter you pay only for performance you use, moreover in a form of fraction from generated and delivered revenue from GameArter's monetization channels.


We decided to eliminate all of the common problems of indie games. Separated login and user account for every game, losing game progress, no option to report bugs, interact with developer, games as closed boxes. Players playing games powered by GameArter gets these benefits:

  1. One account for all games Via this account you will be logged in to all games automatically. This account is your wallet for shared gaming currency in gamearter games - GRT token.
  2. One currency (GRT token) for all games. It does not matter what game you play, you have still all your game money in your pocket. Whether you decide to change the game you play in any time, you can benefit from received coins from previous playing to boost your initial progress in next games. Simplay, you can move your game wealth between games.
  3. Rewards and achievements for playing. Beside the fun from playing, achievements and maybe a fame from being in leaderboard, you get also rewards in GRT.
  4. Social interaction. You can follow developers to receive all news from them, discuss with them and other players in discussions, find and report bugs (for reward) and even participate on development by voting about next steps and improvement for games. Options for every game are always set by developer and his willingness to listen to players wishes.
  5. Multi-device experience Games powered by GameArter may run (based on used game engine) on PC as well as on mobile. You can either play same games on both, or a different one at every device while still getting all benefits from playing GameArter games.


  1. Games for your website. For free. With no costs at running them. Powered by trusted party - guarantee of stable running, fast loading, GDPR and e-privacy compliance. Increase user engagement at your website by adding games.
  2. Option to buy own brand. GameArter allows to run games under any brand. This helps to strengthen your brand.
  3. Revenue share from in-game purchases made on your website (= affiliate). For the future we are planning to deliver bonuses for bringing users to GameArter games.
  4. Disabling ads or running own ads in games. GameArter will offer disabling in-game ads or running games with own ads. This feature will come in the future.
  5. GameArter login system for your web. GameArter as a login option at your website. Full synchronization of gamearter account (in games) with your web account.
  6. Discussion solution shared between webs and games. No division into more forums. All discussions regarding a game at one place.
  7. Participation in game development. You can send comments or advices to a developer and help him to make the game better.

GRT token as a part of GameArter