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Developers, publishers, gaming websites, influencers, media owners - all have the common goal - be successful. GameArter connects these parties in own parties and help them deal with their main issue - game developers get promotion of their games while partners get better engagement of users on their sites, effective brand awareness and extra revenue. All simple to use, powered by GameArter.

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Simple explanation of GameArter services for partners

Gaming websites

Gaming websites

What would be a gaming website without games? With GameArter you can get free games with the best conditions in the market, moreover extended about individual customizations right for your website.

  • Revenue share from in-game ads and IAP
  • Always the best conditions in the market
  • No or own in-game brand
  • Earlier access to games
  • Connection with developers
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Media owners

Games bring additional content for free time and increasing user engagement on a website. Major magazines such as Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, or Daily News already provide games for their users. (usually on a separated subdomain) Jump on this trend with GameArter.

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Media owner

Influencers / Affiliate

People love games and will always play them. GameArter provides monetizable content for free and commercial use as well as reward for every referred user coming from a link placed in partner's game, post, article or video.

  • Reward for every referred user
  • Free content for free and commercial use
  • Better connection with players via co-playing games with no-entry barrier
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Developers & Publishers

Do you have a game(s) you would like to release it, but you miss important tools to run, monetize, promote and track it? GameArter allows using of its solution for any kind of game, with any brand and monetization way.

  • Advanced tools for games (users / data management, smart events...)
  • Full tracking (revenues, playability, retention, crashes...)
  • Individual remote customization (brand, ads...)
  • Game distribution (Web, Google Play)
  • Support
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Tools for games

Free tools

There have been created many useful tools, features and services for games by GameArter. Most of them is reusable on any kind of a website. GameArter provides selected tools for free in a form of open source. All partners can use support from GameArter for their implementation.

Adblocker service

Simple, light & customizable solution for detection and prompting users for disabling their ad blocker tool.

Sharing solution

Simple, light & customizable solution for sharing web pages and games.


Frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, feel free to ask us.

  • How does it work?

    Once a game developer releases a game over GameArter (and it's checked by GameArter that there are no serious bugs), a partner receives immediate notifications about option to release the game, including a guide of how to place it on its web (usually made via iframe element) + rewards for sharing it. The game is configured for partner's website and all revenue for partner is being tracked immediatelly after 1st impression (first game launch).

  • What is ratio of revenue share splitting?

    By default, revenue share for partners is set by developers and can reach values from 0% to 92% for partners. The amount of share may be dependent on quality of the game, importance of the partner and developer's business plan. Usually, the more important the partner is (generated gameplays and revenue), the higher revenue share + other benefits the partner is able to achieve.

    In a moment when 1 game is available via more game distribution platforms, partner using version of the game provided by GameArter automatically gets the same conditions (revenue share, in-game brand etc) as a distribution platform with the best conditions for its partners.

    In a nutshell, by using games from GameArter partners automatically get the best conditions for every game available on the web.

  • Is possible to have games with own brand?

    Yes, under 1 of following conditions:

    • You generate interesting numbers (gameplayes + revenue) for the developer
    • You use GameArter as a primary platform for getting games for your web
    • You pay for it
  • How is it with external links?

    GameArter allows game developers to place maximally 1 external link directly into their games. All new games with higher number of links are automatically rejected. Every game can further contain unspecific number of other external links powered by GameArter system while these links are leading always on the brand website. In a case that the partner has active own in-game brand in gamearter games, all these links leads users on the partner's website.

  • How is it with game updates?

    Developers can update their games anytime and these updates are processed immediately on all websites without any check from GameArter side. For elimination of unfair dealing, such as reverse implementation of multiple other external links, automatic redirects and various types of walls, GameArter staff check all updates within few hours after the update. In a moment, that anything of these happened, GameArter returns previous version of the game from a backup and the developer is noticed about his indecent behavior. If a developer repeats such actions, he is banned from the system and all his games are removed.
  • What about rights?

    GameArter as a SAAS service for game developers and other partners do not hold any rights which mean that developers can remove or adjust their games in any time (see How is it with game updates question). Only exception is in a case of games using IAP (in-app purchases) where GameArter takes care of do not harm users who bought any game items for real money in these games.

    For option to provide partners sufficient probability that the games they decide to publish / promote will be available for a long time, GameArter is going to create a reputation system of game developers.

  • Can you help with implementation?

    Sure we can. Contact us anytime via form on the web or live chat (right bottom corner).
  • Do you offer gaming web or games section for deployed sites?

    Yes, see section intended for Media owners. We also can manage full gaming websites, see our website management service.
  • Can you help me improve my website?

    Yes, we can help you with nearly all aspects such as graphics, coding, development, optimization, monetization and even website management. We can do it all as a paid service.

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