For partners

For partners

GameArter platform connects content creators (games and games related content) with partners focusing at promotion and sharing of quality content between their audience for a financial reward.

GameArter’s key product is a service for game developers simplifying them their work and bringing new options in development, running and management of their games, including a simple way to distribute, promote and marketing their games which can be made by the help of partners connected in the GameArter ecosystem.

Except the main business, GameArter operates and provides also other products helping either to game developers, its partners, or to both at the same time. Our partners section is intended just for this type of services.

List of services currently available via partners section

  • Collection of games released by developers for use by partners - usually for distribution to potential players
  • Environment for overview above used games in partner’s content and their performance
  • Option to start use affiliate program as a consumer

These basic features of GameArter will soon be extended for new features converting GameArter into independent platform for mutual cooperation on a level of game developer - partner, partner-partner, and game developer - game developer.

We are creating a system, where every entity will have option to communicate with each other, however, such communication will not needed in most cases due to programmed smart contracts allowing customization of game contact on a base of set KPIs and the resulting benefits from them. Such system will allow provide personalized experience and bring added value for all connected parties.

Option of personal communication is here for cases of personalized and unique offers that can be so valuable that a party consider it as more interesting than operating with the party in that thing via programmable KPIs. However, for elimination of spam and any type of extortion, every party in the system has attached public score reflecting its fairness, reliability and usefulness. For that reason we recommend not abusing opportunities and be fair and useful member of the platform.


  • Why there are so low revenues despite high number of ad impressions on my website

    The panel reflects all ad impressions in all games placed on your website, however, there is a different revenue share (always the highest possible in the market) for every game. If there is a revenue share for partner on a level of 0% in certain game, number of ad impressions is irrelevant, final revenue for partner is $0. Current revenue share for zour web are available at /games section.
  • Why there is revenue share 0% in most old games

    Historically, GameArter was not provide any revenue share for publishers until December 2019. All the games added before this date was added and distributed with such share and there is no reason to adjust it on a global way. However, we are going to release programmable smart contracts which will allow to get a revenue share even from these games.
  • What all will I be able to get by reaching programmable KPIs?

    The options will come one by one, however already in the start of the system you should be able to get higher revenue share, own brand, disabled outgoing links, earlier access to games and few other minor benefits.
  • Will there be an option to use GameArter affiliate program for promotion of my businesses?

    Yes, there will. We will allow to add any program meeting our conditions and partners will have option to decide, whether it is interesting enough for them to use it.