Why to publish and promote games from GameArter?

Why to publish and promote games from GameArter?

There are many game distribution partners from which webmasters of gaming websites can take free games. Many games are even available over more such platforms while each platform offers different conditions of using games from them.

Most of these platforms work on the same principle, splitting revenue share generated by in-game advertisement between developers, publishers and their platform. Due to the fact, that game distribution platform looks like an easy business, new platforms arise relatively frequently in last year and as a general rule they always offer the better revenue share for publishers and developers at the expense of own revenue share as a part of their marketing because logically webmasters always prefer the platform offering the best conditions for them. This let a creation of a standard, when webmasters check availability of every game in more game distribution platforms to take it from the one offering the best share. Many game developers and gaming websites have already noticed the problem and started prefer exclusive distribution via 1 game distribution platform. GameArter connects the best of all worlds and brings always the best conditions for its partners (gaming websites, media owners and influencers) while game developer has all conditions and rules in your own hand. All benefits of using games from GameArter are summarized in this article. Have a nice reading!

Guarantee of the best conditions for game publishers

As already mentioned in the initial text, webmasters are now forced to check every game in multiple sources to take it from the one offering the best revenues for them. GameArter will do this automatically - we will track all games available over gamearter also on other game distribution platforms and once we will find it somewhere, we will automatically change revenue share set by developer to the same revenue share offered by the second game distribution platform. Except revenue share, GameArter is able to individualize also ingame-brand, ads or external links. From here, publishers always have a guarantee of the best conditions for the game in the market.

Guarantee of functionality of games and their fair behavior

Trust, it's often the most required for long-term successful cooperation between 2 entities. We understand all the doubts which may come from gaming websites and other partners towards game developers with option to update and change games whenever they want.

Option of instant updates is very useful in many cases, however, it must be grasped correctly. For elimination of updates making games unplayable and bringing serious bugs, all developers using GameArter have their games on a testnet for option of full testing so they push these updates to public state only when they are sure the new update work properly. For elimination of unnoticed errors, GameArter automatically track errors and crashes for them. Moreover, GameArter staff check all updates in few hours after their release for elimination of developer’s inattention.

Paragraph above describes how GameArter eliminates potential gameplay issues, but what the other potential problems which partners can have in mind, such as updates leading to a promotion of some developers’ own benefit, typically actions leading to forward users to a different website. These updates are checked just within the retrospective checks by GameArter staff. For providing relevant information about developers behavior, GameArter also will bring a panel summarizing all updates for every game (so also every partner will be able to check the game after update) + reputation system which will track fair play from the side of developers. Developers trying to use partners purely for their own benefit will be banned from option to distribute their game over GameArter.

Option to get own in-game brand and other individualisation in published games

In the time of increasingly expensive user acquisitions and situation on the field of searching when users slowly stop search for games and play in various types of applications and social sites instead, boosted with trend of mobile gaming where SEO does not make big sense due to composition of results on the first page of Google results (try search e.g for “car games” on your mobile), the ability to keep users on your website will be increasingly valuable. Eliminate engagement of users of your gaming website by providing them games with your own brand, with minimum outgoing links and balanced ad frequency. This all can be configured in games provided by GameArter for your website.

Support of a developer

Developers using gamearter for game promotion, operation and management have option to decide what revenue shares are suitable for them and next possible game development. All distribution platforms work with a fixed share which is problematical especially to the fact that not every game has the same operation and development costs. Costs of running multiplayer game are far higher related classic single-player games due to extra costs of network solution and transferred data. Similarly for games of various file size or quality. Every game and every developer has different needs and business plan which must be reflected by offered revenue share for game publishers. From that reason GameArter allows to set revenue share for every game and every website individually which bring developers option to get fair income needed for development of next better - more expensive - game which all partners will love.

For elimination of situations, when a developer will set one type of conditions for a game provided by GameArter (e.g. share 10%) and will add the same game also into another platform into any time which offer let’s say 33%, GameArter automatically increase revenue share provided also from the game on GameArter to 33% to keep still the best conditions for game publishers and saving them time with regular checks of availability of games cross-platform.

Transparency, detailed portal for partners, user-friendly using

Since start of GameArter in 2016 by detachment from PacoGames.com, we have been fully transparent to game developers and shared with them all news and stats. We are going to apply the same also for our partners. Via GameArter panel for partners you will get:

  • Current CPMs in individual countries.
  • Gameplayes, ad impressions and revenues generated in individual games on your portal, including filtration for countries. Data is such form which allows to use them for automatic inclusion to tools counting real revenue per every user using your website.
  • User-friendly environment based on years of testing at GameArter for Developers.
  • Option to contact game developers.
  • Information about all updates, new games and games you miss on your website.
  • Recommendations for actions leading to increased revenue.
  • Simple UI for requesting payments.
    Screenshot from billing page in GameArter

GameArter is SEO friendly

GameArter is not direct competitor of your gaming or media website related to results in searching, thus by using games from GameArter you are not strengthening a competing site at the expense of your via added link added on your website (vai iframe element).

Advanced features increasing user engagement

Every user, every game, every developer, everything prefer or require different features. There are games intended for a longer playing and thus data saving on server is basically must have thing, other games designed for overcoming own results are cool, but if there are improved for global leaderboard, their fun is far better. For elimination of need of separated registration into every such game, GameArter automatically provide users authentication service over which users are automatically logged in all games provided by GameArter.


GameArter invests into technologies around games to achieve the shortest load times, highest possible user retention, increased user engagement and added information value via multiple native modules.

Free tools to use on your web

There are many tools we developed for own, game developers or partners needs which are however reusable on every type of website. Easy to use tools, without connection with other services we are going to slowly share with our partners. Similar tools are often paid, with GameArter you can get their simpler version for free.

GameArter provides support

It sounds like a standard, but we must mention it. You can contact us via live chat on the web, Slack, email or contact form anytime you need and we will reply as soon as possible, usually in a time from seconds to hours.

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