GameArter SDKs for game engines

GameArter SDKs, as well as features and their design are being developed, improved and managed on basis of requests from community of game developers using GameArter service.

GameArter has currently support for game engines Unity and Construct + general SDK which can be used in all kinds of html5 games and applications (this kit is being used also for Construct SDK).

In a case that you do not use any of mentioned game engines above and there is not simple to use an extension for communication between your game engine and our general SDK for HTML5, GameArter is open to create these extensions for free.

Extensions and support for new game engines are being delivered for free on basis of requests from developers community. Either you are individual developer, or better member of game developers community working with technology in which you would like to start using GameArter services, please, get in touch with us over contact form.