Websites support

Websites support

A website is a collection of webpages associated with a domain. As of January 1st, 2020, there were over 1.7 billion websites on the world wide web. All web-based games powered by GameArter are compatible and easily placeable on any existing website on the internet.

Most common game engines allow html5 / webgl export (build) that runs natively right in the browser. These builds use default simple gameplayers and no built-in technology for protection, tracking, monetization, customization or running. This is what developers get by hosting their builds on GameArter.

GameArter lets game developers to host, monetize, distribute and manage their games. Basic overview of available features and services may be found on developers page and in a static demo. All games hosted on GameArter uses customizable gameplayer.

Support for general websites allows simple sharing, monetization, tracking and customization of games on thousands of websites. Games are hosted on all the websites by GameArter and may have active monetization via GameArter monetization service (video anddispaly ads + IAP + affiliate). There is possible to use different setting for every website for ads (provider, frequency, length, placement), brand, gameplayer, features or look while there is always only 1 game build behind - game updates on all websites are done by a replacement of only 1 game build at one place (GameArter). In addition to the simplicity of updates, GameArter also aggregate reports and revenue so it's only place you need to visit to check analytics, manage users, data, customizations, updates, or request payout of earned money.

Developers can customize visibility and access of their games:
  • Public - anyone can play, share and publish the game - the game is also automatically promoted and distributed in the cooperation with GameArter partners
  • Individual - Developer can customize on what websites the game is playable
  • Private - The game is playable only on GameArter via special hidden url

Support for general websites is made with a goal to allow simple distribution of games helping in users' acquisition. Based on setting made by game developer, webmasters, influencers and other type of partners may be moreower revarded (by revenue share) for all brought users into the game.

Companies operating bigger websites such as Facebook, or Poki may require full control above ads in games and thus reject the model of having revenue share of any size from displayed in-game ads powered by GameArter and configured by GameArter for their website. For this cases, GameArter has also support for individual websites, where instead of GameArter ads there are displayed ads of the targeted website which have also full option of their configuration (frequency, length).

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