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The world is evolving and so are the games. At GameArter, we listen to these changes and are constantly working to bring maximum simplicity to the complex world of game development. One of these directions includes supporting Play To Earn crypto games using blockchain.

Are play to earn games the next big-trend?

This is a difficult question to answer. The idea of players being paid for their time and interest in the game is compelling, however, this money to pay players must always come from someone. This is where many games stumble - finding a long-running tokenomic is not an easy task.

The play to earn concept today is mainly based on the implementation of NFTs (non-fungible token) technology and the existence of a marketplace for their trading. In-game items, characters, earned rewards + bonuses, and even properties themselves - it all can be managed through the open standard of NFTs. Thanks to this design, players are then able to place acquired in-game items (NFTs) on the market and sell them to players who are willing to pay for these exclusive items and benefits (+ owning better equipment) instead of acquiring them through lengthy gameplay.

In terms of experience, play-to-earn games have enjoyed a great deal of hype over the past year, which in many cases has waned as quickly as it began, or rather, as soon as the broken tokenomics design became apparent. Of course, we're still at the beginning, and only future years will tell if this is the way to go. For example, we are hearing more and more about the GameFi concept.

Why bring Play to Earn games to the web?

When thinking about Play To Earn games, There’s need to consider factors related to the use of cryptocurrencies within their tokenomics. Many platforms are directly reserving, or may do it in the future as they have market dominance. Thus, a distributed market is a high added value, as is the case of a web with multiple smaller distribution platforms. In case of a problem, there is an option to simply switch to another publisher or run the game entirely on one's own.

Another pitfall is the need to link games and wallets. Although the user experience is gradually improving in this arena, the easiest implementation is still to use Metamask within a PC site - especially when used in conjunction with a HW wallet.

Additional monetization on the web

The revenue is based on sales of game items and fees from trading on the marketplaces. Such monetization is not in violation of any terms and conditions within a general gaming website, no web platform provider will "tax" you with any commission fees from these transactions.

Another monetization option is so-called Rewarded ads. These are ads for which the user is rewarded with a benefit or resource of any type. In a way, in a limited case, it can also be a form of a kind of token distribution (here beware of the laws and the possibility of being classified as token sales).

Choosing a blockchain to run Play To Earn games

Around 2018, we at GameArter were working on a blockchain solution designed for the 1000 or so games powered by GameArter systems at the time. The goal was to provide developers and gamers with a shared currency blockchain solution, without expecting anything unusual in development or gameplay compared to what they were used to.

In the past 6 years, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has made significant progress, and it is now clear that using established and secure blockchains is a much more appropriate form.

At GameArter, we do not limit Play To Earn game developers in any way - we do not prefer, push or block any blockchain solution. Play to Earn crypto games powered by GameArter systems today run on Ethereum L2s as well as small standalone blockchains.

The user experience and transaction fees are crucial in the selection process. When working with tokens within a game design, you have to work with volatility - both on the token side and, (if you are going to use ads) also on the side of the revenue from rewarded ads.

Best User Experience for Play to Earn games on GameArter

At GameArter, we develop systems and solutions with maximum ease of use. We typically use standardized, tested & verified designs that are consistent across games. The developer develops 1 version, 1 code, and the individual customizations for each site are then managed "remotely" in GameArter's cloud interface.

Users use 1 account for all games, across all sites. If we don't have to, we don't show login screens and other windows at all. We try not to impose any barriers in any way for users to smoothly transition into playing while maintaining the functionality of all necessary services (data storage, authentication, etc).

MetaMask as a new form of 1-click login

In addition to the standard email and password + social login methods, GameArter will now allow one-click authentication via Metamask. At the same time, we will offer users a user-friendly design for the process of obtaining and installing the Metamask wallet into their browser.

We develop, collect feedback

We are constantly developing and expanding the UX, UI and systems for native support of Play To Earn games. Let us know what you think is useful or important and what you think is missing.

Release Play To Earn game with us

Are you developing a Play To Earn game and would be interesting to get a bit of help with anything around distribution and porting on the web? Get in touch with us.