Rewarded ads for web games - now for PC and mobile.

Rewarded ads for web games - now for PC and mobile.

Rewarded ads (provided by Google) were not available on the web for a long time. Firstly, they became available for mobile web, however their performance did not convinced many developers to use them. It may change now - rewarded ads became finally available also on the PC web.

Rewarded ads are kind of ads where a user gets a reward for watching an ad - for example access to some extra content, more lives or game coins. These ads are very popular in the mobile gaming market and many developers have been looking for this specific type of ads also on the web. Until now, there was no legit ad network they could took rewarded ads from. Most rewarded ads used by developers were rewarded ads provided by certain gaming websites, which however were targeted for other games on the gaming website and the developer had no financial benefit from displaying them. Therefore some developers decided to use classic type of ads as rewarded ads, which is, however, a fraud on advertisers.

Rewarded ads for web games via GameArter

GameArter has started support rewarded ads as soon as they became available on the web. They are already native part of GameArter SDKs so any developer can use these ads for monetization of his games. Rewarded ads by GameArter are classic ads from advertisers, with financial reward for their displaying.

Use of rewarded ads do not affect existence or frequency of other ads in games, adding rewarded ads may only lead to increased number of ads in a game and revenue going to developer.

Revenue from rewarded ads is counted and displayed at developer's dashboard as developers are used to.

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