VR headsets

An overview of the best virtual reality headsets.

Types of VR headsets

All in One VR headsets

All in one VR headset is the optimal device for users who require similicity, easy portability and wire free experience.

Independent running is possible due to own operating system and all necessary hardware components (including battery) placed right in the device body. Size and weight is not far higher compared to classic headsets.

Hardware components placed in the VR headset have 1 logical disadvantage - low computing power. Some standalone headsets eliminate this weakness by provided support for connection with external source of performance. Such devices are widely applicable.

Oculus Quest

VR headset Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is currently the most sought-after VR headset on the market. Although the Quest device belongs to the group of standalone devices, it allows also running in connection with PC through Oculus Link.

Recommended device

VR boxes for smartphones

VR headsets for phones can be described as smartphone cases supplemented with lenses. The image resolution, performance, memory and operating system of the final VR device depend on the phone used.

VR headsets for phones are the cheapest type of headsets. They are sold in paper (CardBoard) and plastic versions. For easy control of the mobile VR, it's possible to use blootooth to connect the phone with an external controller. The external controller can be purchased separately or can be part of the VR box package.

When choosing a VR box, the emphasis should be placed on easy insertion of the phone into the box and its stable fastening without significant clearances. An important factor is also the cooling, light transmission, the possibility of adjusting the lens and the comfort when mounted on the head.

VR box ColorCross

VR box ColorCross 0088

VR box ColorCross 0088 is a cheap plastic VR box for inserting a mobile phone. The headset comes with a bluetooth controller for easy control of VR applications, including simple games. The advantage is the possibility of adjusting the individual lenses of the box.

VR headsets for PC

VR headsets intended for connection with a PC are optimal for the use in applications that are computationally intensive.

Devices HTC Vive are the most well-known VR headset designed to connect to a PC. The cheapest series starts around $700 while the price may more than double with selection of higher series. An interesting alternative is the Rift S device from Oculus which provide very good value for its $400 starting price. In addition to the VR headset itself, it is necessary to mention also need of extra cost to buy a powerful gaming computer with modern high-tech graphics cards.

VR headsets for PC are connected with PC either through a cable or through an air via Vive wireless adapter (or equivalent solution).

HTC Vive

VR headsets HTC Vive

Vive headsets are manufactured in 4 basic series that contain other subseries. The final offer of VR headsets allows the knowledgeable user to choose the device exactly according to his needs.

VR headsets for Console

Virtual reality in conjunction with a console is currently supported by Sony PlayStation. Xbox users have to wait, and the question is whether the VR support will ever come for their device. Microsoft's latest opinion on VR support for the Xbox console is "We don't have any specific plans to support virtual or mixed reality on Xbox devices. The PC is probably the best platform for this type of reality." At least that's what Mike Nichols, head of the gaming section at Microsoft, said.

However, PlayStation users have nothing to complain about. The console allows the connectivity of various VR external controllers that come in handy when playing more than 500 available VR titles for the device.

PlayStation 4 VR

PlayStation VR

VR kit for PlayStation 4. For around $320 you get VR glasses, headphones and a camera. PlayStation VR allows expansion with external devices.

The number of available VR headsets on the market is still growing. However, not every headset is interesting. Here's our list of the best VR headsets to buy.

GameArter VR

VR headsets Oculus

Oculus Go

Model GO is basic VR headset from Oculus. Tracking of 3 degrees of freedom defines use case especially for consuming general virtual reality content from 1 place (videos, virtual tours, simple games). Powered by Android, Oculus Go belongs to the group of standalone VR headsets. This headset will not be available anymore to buy after December 18th, 2020.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is all in one VR headset with Android OS and many improvements over the Go model. It works with more powerful hardware, uses different controllers and tracks 6 digrees of freedom. The Quest model offers the best screen resolution from the VR glasses from Oculus. It can work independently or in conjunction with a PC via Oculus Link.

Oculus Rift S

The Rift S is a modernized original Oculus Rift headset. This headset works in conjunction with a PC, which makes it possible to run even very computationally intensive applications and simulations. The Rift S model has the same drivers as the Quest model.

Other VR headsets

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive VR headset is available in 4 series, which further branches into special versions. All versions are designed for conjunction with a PC. The latest VR headset HTC Cosmos is similar to Oculus Rift S. Thanks to several different series and subseries with different features, HTC Vive devices are targeted at professional users who know exactly what fueatures they device should contain. HTC Vive devices work with Amuled displays that acieves higher frame rates and better contrast (especially on black background) compared to convertional LED displays.

PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR headset is designed to connect to a 4th generation of PlayStation game station. The VR headset can be extended for various types of controllers. This VR headset is designed primarily for playing VR ready games (over 500 in the store).

VRgineers XTAL

XTAL is a forthcoming headset of the Czech-American company VRgineers. The headset is intended to be used by professionals in army, healthcare, engineering and other areas. With 5k resolution (very high level of quality and image fidelity), built-in sound card and multiple features, XTAL is VR headsets for users who hates compromises.

Other interesting VR headsets


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Which headsets are the best?

  • Oculus Go - for basic VR without the need for more complex functionality
  • Oculus Quest - for common use of VR applications and games anywhere
  • Oculus Rift S - for playing computationally intensive VR games
  • HTC Vive Cosmos - for the visualisation of computationally complex VR applications in high resolution
  • Sony Playstation VR - for owners of PlayStation
  • VRgineers XTAL - for those who hate compromises

What is the price of VR headsets?

The price of a VR headset depends on the type and parameters. Basic VR headsets serving as a holder for a mobile phone start at $8, the better version costs around $20. Standard glasses for virtual reality start around $300 and top models may exceed higher thousands. Standard widely usable VR headsets are sold from $400 to $1.500.

Which VR headset is best for gaming?

The choice of the optimal VR headset for gaming depends on the required games and the store in which they are located. For general gaming without game or store preferences, we are in favor of Oculus Quest VR headset. Quest has double usability - either as standalone device within the Oculus Store or in the conjunction with PC through Oculus Link for playing Steam games.

What memory to choose for the VR headset?

The required amount of memory for the VR headset depends on the intended use. Standalone headsets have their own operating system with memory and allow to hold any type of content right in the device. The file size of VR games ranges in the area from tens of megabytes to lower units of gigabytes. In general, a value of 64GB is sufficient, however, if you plan to have more games and applications installed in the headset for a longer time, we recommend choosing a higher capacity (at least 128GB).

What is difference between VR headset, VR box and VR glasses?

A VR headset is generally considered to be a device designed to be attached to the head in order to convey a virtual experience. It does not matter how the image is obtained into the lens of the headset. It can be an embedded smartphone in a VR headset, or a specialized device called VR glasses.

VR box is a brand name of a VR headset.

Are you looking for help with choosing the right equipment for VR?

To achieve a perfect and realistic VR experience, it is necessary to combine the smooth running of the application, the best possible image rendering, the provision of easy handling, haptic response and perfect sound.

The goal of the manufacturers is to offer all in one solution - VR headsets excelling in all these areas. However, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons, which is why VR headsets support connectivity to external components - computing stations to provide the required computing power, various drivers for easy and realistic controlling, and a speaker and headphone jack to provide the best possible sound experience.

We will help with the selection and setup

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  • We will choose a combination of an optimal phone and a VR headset for using VR via the phone
  • We will find the optimal configuration of a computer (or laptop) and a suitable VR headset that can be connected to a PC
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