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on is a website focused on indie game developers and allow them to host and sell games via customized game pages made by the game developers. The website was founded on 3rd March 2013 and it's currently used by over 10M users. hosts all type of games including a section dedicated for web games. There is possible to add a game physically located on servers as well as game hosted and powered by GameArter in configuration suitable for website. support is made within the general websites support. Games on runs either with developer's, none or brand and have deactivated monetization in default. does not belong between websites connected in automated distribution of games - all games at were added on the websites by developers.

Developers publishing web games on should not expect high gameplays or revenues from the website, there are different benefits. The main added value going from having the game on the website is a freedom in presentation of your game on a customized game page made by you right for your game and option to become part of comunity. If you are interested in publishing your game powered by GameArter on Itch, this post will show you how to do it.

How to publish a game at

  1. Log in at
  2. Open Create a new project section
    1. Fill game "Title", "Project URL" relevant to the title and optional "Short description or tagline" relevant to your game
    2. In "Classification", select option "Games"
    3. On the right, in "Upload Cover Image", upload a thumbnail. You can use the same like thumbnail image in GameArter (Tab GamePlayer)
    4. [Optional] On the right, in "Gameplay video or trailer", fill link to your game video, if you have some
    5. [Optional] On the right, in "Screenshots", upload some screenshot from your games. You can use the same as "loading images" in GameArter (Tab GamePlayer)
    6. In "Kind of project", select option "HTML"
    7. In "Release status", select option "Released"
    8. In "Pricing", select option "No payments" or any other based on your preference
    9. In "Uploads", press button "Upload files" and select index.html file linked with GameArter
      How to create index.html file linked with gamearter:
      1. In your PC, create a file called index.html
      2. Open just created index.html file in some code / text editor
      3. Copy and past following code into the index.html file
        <!DOCTYPE html>
        	<title> __ Place your game title here __ </title>
        <body style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;margin:0;overflow:hidden;width:100%;height:100%">
        	<iframe src=" __ Place your public game url from gamearter here __ " width="100%" height="100%" allow="fullscreen" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;margin:0;border:0"></iframe>

        Do not forget to set your own Title (__ Place your game title here __ place) and game url (__ Place your public game url from gamearter here __) in the index.html file

      Check option "This file will be played in the browser"
    10. In "Embed options", select any config you require.
      • In Viewport dimensions, select any game dimension you pefer. Games from gamearter runs in responsive resolution - you are not limited by size neither side ratio
      • In Frame options - select any settings you prefer
    11. In "Details" section, write description for your game. You can e.g. link to your developer account with your other games on pacogames here.
    12. Select tags, community option and fill links to other store (if your game is available on them)
    13. Before changing "Visibility and access" from "Draft to Public", press "Save" button and check the page by pressing "View page" button.
      GamePage may bu customized by options available under "Edit theme" button located at top header menu
    14. [Optional] In "Edit mode", switch to tab "Metadata" and fill available metadata option
  3. Once are happy with the presentation of the game, go to "Edit mode", scroll at the bottom and switch "Visibility & access" to "Public".

Example of Games added on Itch

Anything unclear or you would like to customize the gameplayer for Feel free to ask us.

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