Home Builder | Free open-source Asset Library for Blender

Home Builder | Free open-source Asset Library for Blender

It doesn't happen too often for the introductory video to reach over 20,000 views, 2,000 likes, 0 (verbally zero) dislikes, and 300 commendable WOW based comments on YouTube in its first week after release. Especially, if it's a tool for 3D modelling of interiors. Anyway, this is what exactly happened with the release of the Home Builder Asset addon Library for Blender.

Home Builder Asset library is a free open-source library designed for creating interior architectural spaces. The tool offers a wide range of parametric assets and features that make it easier to work with components such as windows, doors, walls and custom furniture, see the introduction video for Home Builder in version 0.1.

Video product introduction - Home Builder Asset Library | v0.1

You can download the Home Builder Asset Library here and then simply activate it in Blender by this way.

What can you find in the Home Builder library?

  • Parametric cabinets - Simple work with cabinets and their arrangement for the purpose of kitchen and bathroom visualizations as well as the design of common and built-in cabinets.
  • Doors, windows, their frames and handles - Easy selection from several types and visuals with easily modificable size and position within the room.
  • Appliances - A range of parametric appliances to insert, including branded appliances.
  • Easy to work with walls and the overall size and shape of the room

What features are currently available in Home Builder?

  • Intuitive placements - place assets easily into a scene
  • Easy way to modify embedded assets
  • Simple multi-management of the appearance of assets - materials, appearance of doors, windows, etc.

This tool is a useful helper when you need to create a quick and easy interior visualization. It offers a wide range of assets to use and if you need to deal with indoor modelling only, it may be much easier to work with it than modeling with Archimesh addon. The wide library of cabinets in the Home Builder may come in handy also when you create applications such as an apartment configurator.

Home Builder is for free to use by default. However, there's possible to purchase additional access to an expanded library with hundreds of assets for insertion into your model. If you wish to support the creator, you can do that either via purchase of the extended library, or via Patreon. Also there you will get additional value for your money - access to tutorial videos for working with the tool. (NOTE: neither of these 2 options is available right now.)

If you're interested in more sample videos with this tool, I recommend the YouTube channel Andrew Peel.

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