Pricing - Revenue share

Pricing - Revenue share

GameArter's default pricing option is a payment based on revenue share. This option is simple to apply (monetization services are provided by GameArter) and beneficial for developer who pay for the service only if the service makes him money.

Revenue is generated through in-game advertising (either web or app based) and IAP. We offered IAP for web and apps, however, for very low interest to pay for classic web games we further do not support IAP for web based games.

Revenue share for developer is on the level from 70 to 92 % based on generated revenue (the more you earn, the less percentage you pay).

GameArter provide dynamic revenue share on basis of daily revenues.

Rev share change Final rev share
Default value: - 70%
Daily revenue over $50 +10% 80%
Daily revenue over $100 +5% 85%
Daily revenue over $200 +5% 90%
Daily revenue over $500 +2% 92%
Multiplayer service -10% 60% - 82%

For option to decrease costs of games development and operation, developers can use for free collection of professional tools amd solutions developed by GameArter.

* Revenue shares mentioned above are valid for developers using GameArter as main service for their games in the time of publishing in GameArter network. In the case that a developer uses GameArter concurrently with other game distribution services (for web games), without using additional features provided by GameArter, GameArter will pay only revenue share in the same percentage as the lowest revenue share offered by a game distribution service through which the game is being offered.

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