Games you can play anywhere

Games you can play anywhere

Are you saving the world by staying at home during the hard Coronavirus disease time, or just celebrating that you survived the covid-19 pandemic by traveling through the world which is not like before? No matter where you are and whatever you are doing, you may get an idea to spend some free time by playing games.

There are thousands of games that you can play on various platforms. Games for PCs and consoles are often a matter of home playing while mobile, cloud, web and VR games benefit from good portability of the device they work on.

The target of this article is to bring tips for the best browser games you can play anywhere on your mobile or laptop. These games run on any device right in a browser without needing to install anything - all you need is an internet connection capable of downloading a few megabytes. Games for this list of tips have been selected in cooperation with PacoGames gaming platform based on their popularity. If you are a game developer, you can inspire yourself with these best performing games and develop the next popular web title based on that.

Casual games

Casual games are the best option for easy but challenging gameplay. There are well known games such as Mahjong, Solitaire, Chess or Tic Tac Toe (with a board of any dimension). I can also recommend math based and ball based casual games such as 2048, Balls and Bricks or Hexalau. All these games are optimized for low file size and running on mobile. On PC you can also try Slope game.

Check gaming videos for selected casual games

Multiplayer shooting games

There are a bunch of really good first person shooting multiplayer games on the web, however, their running requires either a better mobile phone or even a PC. To help you orientate better in these games I will present every game separately with attached the most important information. is a 3D multiplayer first person shooting game with a very simple appearance but very addictive options in the game. It loads in a few seconds on any device and contains all you expect from a web based shooting game. Thanks to a map editor and numerous available customizations, it is still possible to discover new maps and options to play in the game.

Clash 3D games

Clash 3D games are cartoon multiplayer shooting games with 3rd person view. Every game has a different map and weapons while game mechanisms remain similar. All these games run well on PC and mobile. Currently there are 6 games to play from the series.

Shell Shockers is a funny game with eggs. Someone could say that it is eggstremely addictive, anyway, what's really cool about the game that's the idea of players in a form of eggs. The game is playable on a PC device only on the web.

CS Online (Counter Strike online)

Counter Strike has become a legendary game. And just the CS 1.6 game became the model for creation of this CS 1.6 online version. The game offers all known game modes, weapons or the popular economy model. The game may be played on desktop browser.

Rush Team

Rush team is apparently the oldest web game from the selection. Its first version was basically released in 2013 once Unity game engine (used for development) allowed web builds. Since the first version the game has been very well optimized and although it contains also many non-unique maps you can know from other games, the truth is, that in Rush Team all the maps and other game items and features seem to be made better, work better and especially look better.

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a modern 3D multiplayer shooter warfare game inspired by the Call Of Duty series. It has been initially released on the web and moved later also on mobile and Steam. The game offers unique custom-made maps, weapons and graphics.

The game has experienced quite wild progress on the web, in fact, there is a whole article about that. Currently you can find more versions of the game on the internet. The difference between them is basically in the date of last update. Version attached to the link in the title is the latest up to date version of the game on the web. Due to the fact that every update usually increases file size, today's version with almost 400mb of file size is something that takes a really long time and consumes an enormous amount of data to load. That's also why we keep it at the bottom of our list of multiplayer shooting games to play for free on the web.

Racing games

Racing and driving games have nearly identical popularity as shooting games and belong between most popular genders. This is also thankfully to great motorbike and car games mentioned in this collection.

Madalin Stunt cars 2

Madalin Stunt cars in its 2nd version is quite a simple multiplayer car game with few fixed jumps and other obstacles at 3 yet more simple maps. Even car physics is not realistics or great, anyway despite all this players love the game. Maybe because of many great looking cars, maybe due to freedom in the game. The game is playable on PC only.

Moto x3m games

Do you remember the old good flash 2D fast-action motorbike games and crazy rides full of flips? Moto X3M games are of the same type. There are currently 4 games in the series and each sequel offers at least 20 levels to play. All work on desktop as well as on mobile.

Burnout Drift games

Drifting games with great, realistics and incredibly addictive car physics, that’s Burnout Drift games. Beside that, there are also many fully customizable cars and some sequels offer even multiplayer gameplay. Currently there are 3 games in the series when every game has a different map / road to drift on. The game is playable on PC web or on mobile through an app.

Zombie Derby

Zombie Derby is a classic game with a goal to overcome the longest possible distance with limited resources (fuel, ammo, heath). From its title there is also clear in what time it takes place - yeah, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Taking into account its gameplay, options and graphics, Zombie Derby is similar to Earn To Die flash games.

The game is playable on PC web or through a mobile app. Like other games, also Zombie Derby game is available in more sections while we mention here only the 2nd one.

Other interesting games

Needless to say that the web is only about cars, shooting or casual playing. Name all good games would be for days so I decided to mention here at least 2 representatives of other games for inspiration. If it is not enough for you, feel free to look at PacoGames website.

Paper Minecraft

The Minecraft game is incredibly famous, timeless and popular. This web version misses 1 dimension - it's 2D minecraft. Although this loss, most important options from Minecraft remained. Whether 2D is better than 3D or not I will leave without reply, after all you can find it out myself right in a desktop browser.

Fireboy and Watergirl

Usually players play alone on a single machine, however, what if you invited a friend or future wife and want to do something together in two? In such cases you may search for 2 player games between which you would surely find Fireboy and Watergirl games. These games are great especially for a need of mutual support during gameplay which is a goal to reach goals. There are more sequels of the game and you can play them all on PC as well as mobile web.

Do you want more tips?

Have fun while playing.

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