Newsletter November + December 2019

My start of writing Newsletters in October 2019 was spontaneous and unexpected. However, despite my plan to write a regular monthly newsletter intended for game developers and partners using GameArter, I was not able to keep it right in next month - December. It forced me to think about a concept of newsletters which would be informative, well organized and quickly writable. Firstly, I thought I will write about plans we have for the next month with a short summary of the previous month - whether all plans were completed. Although we work with a task-based workflow and we usually meet all our goals for the current month, our development brings many new opportunities and ideas also during the process when we often bring more value in the month than we have expected at the beginning. On the other side, like everywhere, also we often meet a task which requires more time to be completed than we usually thought. For that reason I decided to start using a format of irregular newsletters informing retrospectively about the main news for game developers, gaming websites and other partners using GameArter.

Enjoy the first newsletter in the new retrospective format - summary of news, which came on November and December 2019.

November 2019

The main focus during November was focused on the development of GameArter for partners + related matters (mechanism of tracking ads, engine for affiliate monetization etc) with a planned release on 1st day of December. GameArter for partners also required to add a new feature to GameArter for developers - option to configure rewards for gaming websites for sharing and promoting their games. The rewards are set in a form of an individual customizable revenue share of the revenues generated by the partner.

Number of released games by developers via GameArter platform in November: 51

Published articles:

December 2019

Working days in December are commonly limited due to the Christmas holiday. It limited us especially in marketing when contacting anyone in the second part of December does not make a big sense. For that reason we were focused on projects under our management or using our custom services + preparing our marketing activities for January.

GameArter for partners has been released according to a plan by the beginning of December. This new platform should facilitate the work to webmasters and content workers working for gaming websites and bring new monetization way and additional revenues for all willing to publish and promote games directly from game developers.

First phase of our partnership section brought a comprehensive overview intended for websites using games from GameArter - issues with their website, playability of individual games, revenue going from that, revenue share they have approved by developers for each game and especially simple overview of games missing and already added on their website. An Important benefit of using GameArter for them is also pre-access for use of these games and guarantee of the highest revenue share for them in the market. Example of GameArter environment for game promotion partners is available within this static demo page.

We had a plan to unlock also a part of GameArter for partners intended for game promoters - based on affiliate format, however, this had to be delayed due to need to deal with an issue of wrong data in reports provided us by one ad company for individual games and websites. Good message is that we fixed the issue with reports during December yet and recounted data for all affected partners and developers so everything should be correct again.

We also simplified communication with game developers when they are now notified about important events related to their games via automated email notifications they can reply to.

Some remaining free time we invested into a full redesign of the Games44 gaming website with free online games (more info soon in separated article) + minor performance and monetization optimization of PacoGames gaming website. Both websites prefer and publish games from GameArer.

Number of released games by developers via GameArter platform in December: 67

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