Newsletter 11/2019 | Improvements, Marketing, New features

With a goal to keep developers in, GameArter summaries its work into short emails which are also publicely released here on the blog.
Let me introduce newsletter for November 2019 - what is new on GameArter, developed with a goal to help developers in their gaming business.

1. GameArter & PacoGames

Many things have changed in 2O18 and 2019 which forced us to start work differently. These 2 past years have cost us significant users lost. It has forced us to make our service better - actually a good message for you. Here's our upcoming news related PacoGames.

1.1 Increased worldwide accessibility and performance with same costs.

UX, SEO, accessability, page speed. If you are interested for speed optimization we did, check our blog post "Page Speed Optimization for PacoGames".

1.2 Higher promotion of games over gaming portal

- We developed and added new panel with recommended games to every game page (located to the right of the game). This box is inspired by youtube (recommended videos) and its content is selected according to the following conditions:

  1. The game has above average results (avg time in game, playability)
  2. There is assigned developer for the game = game is added to PacoGames via GameArter

1.3 We are preparing new PPC campaigns for promotion of PacoGames.

Running acquisition campaigns require more complex background in these days than ever before. User acquisition costs are high while return of acquired users quite low in this business. This requires a tool able to collect and analyse revenues from multiple sources of various types. First PPC campaigns in a test phase are being launched in these days. The result of the new campaigns should be visible on playability on PacoGames. There will be probably released additional information related this within next weeks.

1.4 New sections for new kind of games.

We will soon release 2 new big section - PacoGames education with educational games and PacoGames VR for playing games in VR.

2. New GameArter Features

2.1 More information available via reports section

We are going to release soon an UI via which developers will get information about revenue generated on individual websites. This will provide clear information what websites are most important for you.

2.2 Option to set revenue share for publishers

  • The time is different and every gaming platform is trying to create own distribution platform. The problem is, that this concurrency does not bring any add value, exactly opposite. See our article "Paid game distribution, do we need it?". GameArter's tool to have option to update and manage games (ads, brand, outgoing links...) from one place. Current market is trying to force developers to deal with their apps for every website individually.
  • There is clear, that some developers prefer, or there is a need of it in a case of some games, to reduce own profits in benefit of rewards for publishers. For this reason, we are going to implement a feature via which developers will get option to provide revenue share for webmasters (gaming websites).

There will be option to set revenue share individually for every domain, e.g. on basis of value of the website for developer - see point 2.1.

2.3 Minor UX improvements and new options

  • On basis of usage and feedback we have been delivered many small UX improvements such as video documentations or more clear UI panels.
  • There are also new options of adding promo materials (images) which are used for publishing on pacogames and its social sites as well as are sent to all other webmasters.
  • There is a small redesign of section for developers and new page with games.

3. External Services

We have got valuable knowledge and many skills by running gamearter and PacoGames. Many tools can be reusable on other types of projects, also, many processes can be automated by connection with our services. This is what we share either through paid custom services or in a form of open source available via partners section.

Our goal remains same

GameArter's goal is to be complex tool for game developers which will allow them simple and effective cross-platform game distribution, operation and management of games. In addiction, we support unique games in sufficient quality by free promotion via our marketing activities.

GameArter should be only tool you need for releasing on web, and alternatively also on other platforms in the future.

Thank you for reading and using GameArter.